Hi, I am Abril !!

I am very excited that you have arrived here!!

I want to share with you the magic of art therapy,

as a way of self-awareness & self-transformation

 that allows you to get in touch with

your inner-self!

What is Anthroposophical Art therapy? 

Anthroposophic art therapy and mainstream art therapy are two distinct approaches to the use of the art as a therapeutic tool.

Anthroposophic art therapy is based on the philosophy of Rudolf Steiner, which emphasizes the connection between

the human being and the universe, and approaches the human being as a holistic being that is made up of body, mind and spirit.

Anthropophic art therapy aims at the emotional and mental well-being of individuals.

This art therapy uses different forms of art such as painting, sculpture, drawing etc. and are used to allow the person

to express and become self-aware of their thoughts, feelings and emotions.

These tecniques are seen as means to access deep aspects of the human being, including the unconscious, the soul and the spirit.

What are ther benefits of Art therapy? 

Self-awareness and self-expression:

It allows people to connect with their creativity and express themselves through artistic creation.

This can help them discover and explore their inner thoughts and emotions, and better understand their feelings and behaviors.

Reduction of stress and anxiety:

The action of creating can be a relaxing and therapeutic activity that helps reduce stress and anxiety levels.

Additionally, it can help people release pent-up emotions and reduce mental and emotional tension.

Improvement of self-esteem:

Expressing yourself creatively requires courage and this means making decisions to create, this allows you to discover your innate abilities and take control of your life.

This can help develop a more positive image of themselves and face challenges with more confidence.

Increased communication capacity:

It helps people develop more effective communication skills by giving them an alternative way to express themselves and communicate.

This can help them communicate more clearly and effectively in their personal and professional relationships.

Promotes general well-being:

It can improve a person’s general well-being, as it encourages self-expression, relaxation, and self-awareness.

This can have a positive effect on your physical and emotional health, as well as your overall quality of life.

Who is Abril?

Abril is an artist and art therapist (anthroposophical) based in Los Cabos, Mexico.

She creates virtual and in person art therapy courses and workshops focused on helping people to promote and develop

self-awareness and stress reduction in their lives.

She has created art therapy courses such as:

Awakening the heart through art: Helps  to promote connection to your heart center.

Expanding our perceptions: Helps to promote the expansion of fixed ideas and beliefs.

Self-love course: Helps to promote and develop your self-love through art.

Balancing the feminine and masculine energy: Helps to understand both energies as well as encourages to reach

a balance of both energies in our lives.

Crazy Woman Workshop: Promotes self-awareness of our “difficult emotions” to be able to see and accept them as

the messegers that are here to tell us about ourselves.

Couples Art therapy Course: A different experience is lived with your partner and you both are able to connect and

communicate through art.

Art-therapy experience: This is a basic art-therapy experience for those who wish to experience a therapeutic art process.

Mother and Daughter workshop: In this course you get to connect and spend quality time with your daughter in a creative


Abril’s art therapy courses and workshops deal with a wide range of emotional topics such as grief, depression,

self-love, self-knowledge, self-acceptance and how we can stimulate our internal healing energy to promote overall

health through art.

Abril lives with her two daughters and loves to create through art and can be found surfing in the ocean,  reading books

or singing.

Connecting with your inner-self through art therapy

What kind words people are saying about us!!

“Art therapy guided by Abril is a delicate and transformative experience”

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Carolina Porras (Colombia).
Art therapy course modelling the platonic bodies – going from the element of the sphere to the earth element.

“The sensations that
were emerging were smooth
and reconciling”

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Sofia Lemus (Acapulco, México).
Private Art therapy sessions for grief.

Thank you so much for an amazing course!

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Jessica Burgett, (United States)
Crazy Woman art therapy course.

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“Connecting with crazy Woman course was a unique experience”

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Leonora Guerra ( Los Cabos, México).
Crazy Woman art therapy course.

“Art therapy with Abril it’s a place of connection with love, a wonderful and restorative experience!”.

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Johana Andrea Sandoval S. ( Chia, Colombia).
Art therapy Course “Awaking the heart through art”.


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Frequently asked questions

Do I need any art skills to take this course?

• You do not need any artistic skills in these courses/workshops, because in art therapy the most important thing is the process and the feelings you experience while you are making art and not the result of what you make.

What technology do I need to participate in the online courses or workshops?

• You need a computer or mobile device with internet access. And a high-speed connection for a better experience and less frustration.

• You also need to have a current and accessible email account and basic knowledge of ICT.

Is there a list of suggested materials?

• Yes, and this will be visible in the introduction of the virtual course. However, you are encouraged you to start the course and substitute with whatever material you have on hand. In addition, the material you buy does not have to be of higher quality or very expensive. However, it is recommended in certain courses, some materials of a certain quality so that your experience with art therapy is a great one.

Does Abril answer questions and give individual feedback?

• Abril is available to answer questions and encourage you, via email, however, as this is a self-guided course/workshop, April does not provide detailed individual feedback.

• Emails sent to April will have a response in 3 business days. Please be specific in your questions, so that communication flows productively and effectively.

How long do I have access to the online course/workshop?

• The courses/workshops are online for a period of 6 months or unless otherwise stated in a particular course or workshop.

Are the videos downloadable?

• The videos are not downloadable, but are available 24/7 within the course so you can come back and enjoy them whenever you like.

What is the refund policy?

• Virtual courses or workshops are non-refundable. Please buy carefully and be sure to check the minimum technical requirements above before purchasing.

• However, I want you to be able to experience art therapy, so please reach out if you have any questions.