Anthroposophical Art therapy Sessions

Anthroposophical Art Therapy main approach is the impression method.

Where through your own art creation, you receive impressions from the art therapist to be created through various techniques, stories such as: painting (watercolor), drawing (pencil, charcoal or color pencils), pigments and clay.

These art therapy sessions allow the awakening of new abilities within you and the ability to connect with your vital forces for your inner self-healing.

In this type of art therapy we work with two types of “dis-eases” (illness).


Which are most physical illness such as: allergies, asthma, diabetes, cancer, epilepsy, among others.



Emotional illnesses such as depression, grief, anxiety, trauma, eating disorders, among others.

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Art therapy online courses

These are pre-recorded courses that are held online created to be done at your own pace.

These courses are available for 1 year in the digital platform they are in.


Group Workshops (in person)

These art therapy workshops are lead in groups with specific topics such as grief,  stress relief, depression, anxiety, post-natal depression, ect.

These also include all art therapy workshops (some are already online):

Awakening the flame of the heart,“Crazy woman” workshop, Mother and daughter, Painting like a child with your kids, Balancing femenine & masculine energies, Expanding our perceptions, Transformation, ect.

Notice: Art therapy proposals can be created according to your group or team needs.


The various techniques used bring about the different benefits


It promotes an objective feeling of your surroundings and brings you to your the present moment.



It allows you to have an objective impression of your surroundings and brings you to your the present moment.


Painting ( watercolor):

It helps with feelings of relief and expansion which is an important quality of relaxation.

Also, painting has the element of color, which has specific healing properties for the soul, such as imagination, inspiration and intuition.


Soft pastels:

It helps with the experience of feeling welcome, sensations of beauty, love and softness for the spirit.


Soft pastels:

It allows you to experience the feeling of been welcome, of beauty, of love and softness for your spirit.



It gives the experience of grounding and a sense of feeling your body in your current reality, among other things.



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